Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Expendables Assemble!

During our last class meeting, each student was assigned to present his or her board game proposal to the class. Students were required to write down and rank the board games from 1-4 that they liked. 1 was ranked for the most points, 2 the second-most amount of points, and so on. My group and I were assigned to create "The Expendables", which was proposed by Joseph Ibrahim. 

Our group members got together and started throwing out a few ideas for the game. Professor Parks suggested to incorporate the characters since they drive the story and the audience. Joe, Dwayne, and I brainstormed of using action cards with signature weapons that pertain to individual characters. For example, the shotgun for Terry Crews' character and the knives for Jason Statham's character. Joe's proposal had safehouses that were for use for protecting area for each player. We decided to add a mechanic that allows other players to destroy safehouses for more player interaction. 

We left class with the task of determining designs for the gameboard and to develop mechanics for the game. Being a big fan of the movies, creating this board game will be fun. Our first group meeting had a large amount of energy and we are looking forward to working together!

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