Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Final Product

This week in class we play tested our game with our classmates. This proved to be very helpful. Our classmates provided helpful feedback. They told us that we needed a way to indicate that our missions were complete. We decided to use toothpicks and once a mission was complete the player could stick a toothpick into that city.

We met up again this week to finalize the project. The first thing we did was make the rulebook using a template of a brochure. We split the rulebook up into three sections: the set up, the travel, and the safe house. Then we finalized the cards and sent those out to Kinko's to be printed. The only thing left do do now is pick up the cards. Our board was created a week ago and we decided to write the names of the cities, thus making it easier for players to be able to tell the cities apart. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow when we play test it.

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