Monday, April 8, 2013

First Mission Complete!

During our last class, our group came together to play the board game, The Hunger Games. The game was very different from the previous games we were introduced to and showed us some important features a board game should have. The main one we took from the game was having many options. In the Hunger Games each player had to make a choice where to move their piece and after each move an action occurred.  In our game, The Expendables, we too have tried to create options for the players to make. The objective of the game is to score as many points possible by using two different main strategies: Building safe houses and completing missions. Players also have the option to choose what route to take during the game, so everyone can take a different route. Players would start out with one safe house and the game would end when a player loses their last safe house.
            During class our group also decided on a couple key details. We decided that we are going to have our game board be the map of the world. This map would include 20 countries on which missions and safe house can be present. Different countries lead to different tracts so the player has to choose wisely. We also decided each player would need resource cards to complete missions and destroy safe houses. These would consist of resources such as food, medicine, and weapons.            
            Leaving class we still were unsure of an exact design we wanted the cards to be, especially since I didn’t see the movie yet. After seeing it I know we should incorporate a lot of action and excitement. For class we planned on having a mission and resource card available to see. 

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