Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Play Testing

This week we came in with a rough copy of our board and all the cards in order to play it. For the safe houses and player pieces we used push-pins. We realized that while this may be an ideal piece for the safe houses, it would not be ideal to use as player pieces. Players will be moving from city to city and sticking the pin into the map would ruin the flow of the game. The game was playable from start to finish, however we decided we needed more interaction. Joe and Justin came up with the idea to use character cards. We decided to use real characters from the movie and each character would have a special action that a player could perform. Dwayne pointed out that it might be unfair for the player who goes first since he gets to pick the character first. We solved this problem by deciding to create about six characters. The player would choose a character on the next round and only then would he return his character card from the previous round. This would eliminate any unfairness.

For the upcoming class we need to have a complete playable game for our classmates to play. We decided to make the map bigger for our classmates and have the complete card design (front and back). When class ended we stayed behind as a group to complete the backs of our cards. We divided the cards that we each would make and print and Joe fixed up the map and got it enlarged. Hopefully the play test will depict what is wrong with our board game.

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